I wanted to be a mum since before I could remember. I was that annoying kid going up to whoever had a baby at a BBQ and asking for a hold, babysit even wipe a dirty butt. Going to Uni to get a Bachelor of Health Science was just filling in time until I met the lucky man to father my children. I had one life goal and that was to be a mother.

So promptly on the first night of my honeymoon I threw my OCP in the bin. I was done with that, I was going to be a mother that night. Lucky for me my husband felt exactly the same (and well if he didn’t I most likely would of ditched him long ago to find a man who was on the same wave length as me and also had a sensational genetic makeup) we both wanted kids, maybe 4 straight away, that number was debatable between us. I basically thought for sure I was heading home from Bali with a honeymoon baby.

But this wasn’t the case. And it took some time before I fell pregnant. Being a Naturopath I filled our lives with supplements and the right type of eating. Yet still it took time, I understand my few months of not being able to fall pregnant is not what people would call a long time to wait but for me it was forever and I was stressing out. Every pregnancy test (and trust me I took a few thousand) and period were a horrendous ordeal. Until one night camping in a tent under a full moon……..

I felt I was pregnant but the strangest thing was I didn’t want to find out, I wanted to live in hope for a while that this could actually be happening. I was rudely awaken from this the next Monday when a truck side swiped my car with me in it and I was sent to Drs for scans. Which I refused to do, so basically I was forced into doing a pregnancy test.

It was positive.

I was ecstatic.

The euphoric feeling of being pregnant lasted all of 2 days until the morning sickness kicked in and stayed, and stayed. This wasn’t just any normal morning sickness either. No no this was hugging the bowl all hours of the day and sometimes the night vomiting. This was pulling over on the side of the road sick, walking through a shopping center and quietly yacking my guts up in a pot plant sick. This was not what I had signed up for, I was meant to be a god dam goddess. I remember crying to my sister about how unfair it was, her pregnancies were easy (I blame her holy and entirely for my misconception about how amazing the whole pregnancy thing actually is). Along side the vomiting came the cramps where I thought I was going into labor every 2 seconds, from this experience I believe that if you are of smaller stature you should simply not fall pregnant, I have discussed this with my other vertically challenged friends and we are all in agreeance.

However, the vomiting from day dot until the child actually evacuated my body was worth it. Everything in the lead up to have him was worth it, the 3 days of labor to get him out was worth it. There is absolutely nothing like holding that baby that you created, kept safe under your heart for 9 months and finally after months of dreaming if they had your nose or not (the only genetic flaw of my husbands) to meeting him, it was quite simply the best day of my life.

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